In order to prepare for the procedure I will ask my client to send me photographs of the area in question. These images are used to make preliminary drawings, plan the procedure as well as to familiarise myself with the area that I am going to work on. Thereafter the initial procedure is used to determine the basic structure and placement of the areola. This takes no less than 4 hours (consultation included). The Follow-up session are used to create depth and to add detail.

Make sure that you are well rested and sufficiently nourished before you arrive for your appointment. Avoid alcohol during the 24 hour period prior to your procedure. Minimise caffeine intake the day of your appointment and wear comfortable clothing. Do not stop using your regular medication without consulting your doctor but avoid Aspirin or other blood thinning medication prior to the appointment.

During your first visit, the colour, size and shape of the new areola and nipple are determined. Once you, the client, are satisfied with the colour and placement, a numbing cream is applied to the skin area. A small device holding the micro-needles and pigment is then placed over the surface of the skin. As it passes over your skin, the needles inject small amounts of micro pigment beneath the first layer of skin. This process is very similar to a traditional tattoo.

During the first week after your first treatment, the area worked on will appear red and irritated and the colour may look much darker than you originally chose. Be patient, as the colour will fade as the skin begins to heal. Some itching and flaking of the skin during week one can be expected. It takes about 3-4 weeks to really see the soft, natural results of this procedure.

I encourage clients to bring a friend or significant other along for moral support, if they so wish to. Having a familiar face around while the procedure is being done helps in creating a more relaxed atmosphere. A comfortable sitting area and beverages are available for them.


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